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What is the Difference Between Compound Fertilizer and Mixed Fertilizer?

Jun. 14, 2024
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The production method is different. Compound fertilizer is formed by using raw materials through chemical reaction and then granulation. The main processes include drum granulation, disc granulation, shotcreting granulation, high tower granulation, etc., only in some larger factories with more complete equipment. For production, due to the limitation of the production process, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is relatively fixed, and there are only fewer specifications.

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Mixed or complex fertilizer is to directly mix and use fertilizers containing different nutrients. For example, mixing urea and potassium chloride is a mixed fertilizer containing nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer. If the NPK Bulk Blended Fertilizer is separated one by one, it can still be used. Revert to the state of urea and potassium chloride. It is also possible to produce more commonly used compound fertilizers by mixing the required fertilizers with a shovel at home.


The method of use is different. Due to the chemical change of the effective components in the compound fertilizer, it takes a long time during the decomposition process and can slowly release the fertilizer effect according to the growth law of the crop, so it is not easy to lose and volatilize. According to these characteristics, compound fertilizer is more suitable as a base fertilizer. Mixed fertilizer can determine the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium according to different crops and different growth periods. For example, when wheat is planted after returning the straw to the field, a small amount of urea can be appropriately added to the traditional compound fertilizer to increase the nitrogen content and promote the straw decomposition.

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The price is different. The production process of compound fertilizer is relatively high, and the price of compound fertilizer with the same proportion of effective elements is much higher, but it does not mean that compound fertilizer at the same price has no advantage. If used as a base fertilizer, the utilization rate of compound fertilizer is higher than that of mixed fertilizer. There are quite a few, so in production, we still have to choose the right fertilizer according to the purpose of the crop, not that the more fertilizer, the better.


In summary, compound fertilizers are expensive, require high technology, limited specifications, longer fertilizer efficiency, and higher utilization. The price of mixed fertilizers is lower than compound fertilizers, and they can be processed by themselves. The specifications can be adjusted according to actual conditions. Larger, shorter fertilizer effect. You can choose based on these advantages and disadvantages.


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