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What is the use of HPMC in detergent?

Oct. 24, 2023
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HPMC, or Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, is a versatile and water-soluble polymer that finds various applications across different industries. In the context of detergents and cleaning products, HPMC serves several important functions:

Thickening Agent: HPMC is often used as a thickening agent in liquid detergents. It increases the viscosity of the detergent solution, providing a more gel-like or viscous consistency. This thickening action helps improve the stability and appearance of the detergent.

Stabilizer: HPMC can act as a stabilizer, helping to prevent the separation of different components in a detergent formula. It aids in maintaining the uniform distribution of various ingredients, ensuring that the detergent remains homogeneous over time.

Suspension Aid: In detergents with suspended particles, such as those containing abrasive scrubbing beads, HPMC can help keep these particles suspended evenly throughout the product. This ensures that the abrasive agents are consistently available for cleaning action.

Film-Forming Agent: HPMC can form a thin, transparent film when applied to surfaces. In some detergent formulations, this property can be utilized to create a protective film on surfaces, which can aid in soil release and make cleaning more efficient. It can also impart a glossy or shiny appearance to surfaces.

Moisture Retention: HPMC has the ability to retain moisture, which can be beneficial in detergents designed for applications where moisture retention is necessary, such as certain types of laundry detergents or cleaning solutions for specific surfaces.


Improved Cleaning Performance: Daily Chemical Detergent Grade HPMC Cellulose can help enhance the cleaning efficiency of detergents by aiding in the dispersion of active cleaning agents and preventing re-deposition of soil on surfaces. It can also contribute to the overall effectiveness of the detergent.

Enhanced Detergent Appearance: HPMC can contribute to the visual appeal of a detergent product by providing a smooth texture and appearance. This is particularly important in products where consumer perception of quality is critical.

Reduced Detergent Splashing: In some detergent formulations, HPMC can help reduce splashing, ensuring that the detergent stays where it's applied and doesn't disperse excessively when used.

It's important to note that the specific role and concentration of HPMC in a detergent formulation can vary depending on the type of detergent and the desired properties of the product. Different grades and viscosities of Haoshuo HPMC may be selected to meet the specific requirements of the detergent, whether it's a liquid laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, surface cleaner, or another type of cleaning product. Additionally, formulators may need to consider factors like pH compatibility, temperature stability, and the interaction of HPMC with other detergent ingredients to achieve the desired product performance.



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